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top 5 alternative methods of energyGet Down Green is about:

Forming a groups of people who specialize in the 5 important categories below.

Get Gown Green teams are traveling experts in sustainable practices, helping to bring solutions to starting off correctly.

Picture walking into a town hall where they are deliberating on placing a housing sustainabilitycommunity on fresh land, Get Down Green Consultant firm helps those organizers build the community in the most sustainable fashion will keep the costs at a reasonable level. Now the community can feel a little better because GDG is making sure the building the community does not harm the town and the environment. Contact Us!


5 major categories of consideration:


In our opinion on of the best solutions we have found although it may not be effective in colder climates is solar water heating.

        building shelterShelter:

There are many options here is a showcase green home in Florida.


food organicFood:

Food is rarely taken into consideration when planning a home or a community. Here at we have a goal make sure every community that gets planned in the United States uses some sort of closed loop system for food.

Why are communities being built with no big large garden in there center, being supported by commercial worm bins, watered by rain water.

If this community concept interests you and you have formal training or just plain interest in join our GDG Task forces for sustainable communities contact us today!

Lets not forget about permaculture!



water collectionWater:

Rainwater collection, natural filtration using multiple techniques such as aquaculture, floating islands and using closed systems that grow aquatic plants will filtering the water.



waste management naturalWaste:

Humanure, sustainable packaging, composting, worm bins and vermicomposting, and all sorts of different techniques.